Small Business Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Small Business Marketing Doesn't Have to Be Expensive For large businesses, marketing expenses aren't a big deal. But for small business, marketing expenses can eat up a lot of your profits, if you're not careful. Small business marketing requires some creativity and the willingness to put a little extra effort into it, which can help

Social Media Marketing for Millenials

Social media marketing to an individual demographic can be difficult, especially if you don't have people on your team who are part of that demographic. One of the most illusive demographics are the millennials. Commonly described as those born between 1982 and 2004. While no demographic is uniform, there are trends that can help you

Minneapolis App Development: A Business’ Best Friend

With nearly two dozen Minneapolis app development firms on the market, it can be challenging to choose one that will best fit your needs. App development is more than just coding. It requires a team of experts who can complete each part of the project, from marketing to field testing. If you're on the search

Why Businesses Need a Digital Marketing Agency

The marketing landscape is shifting rapidly and traditional methods no longer bring in customers the way that they used to. To stay afloat in a sea of websites and online-based companies, a digital marketing agency may be the key to a business’ success.   What is a Digital Marketing Agency? A digital marketing agency uses


“Matching character and actor is what a good director does.” -Bruno Dumont, French film director and screenwriter THE INFLUENCE FACTOR OF GOOGLE ADWORDS Google Adwords is the Pay-Per-Click advertising service offered by the most trusted search engine around today. The popularity of the search engine has increased to the point that people generally trust Google


“One word, love: curiosity. You long for freedom. You long to do what you want to do because you want it. To act on selfish impulse. You want to see what it’s like. One day you won’t be able to resist.” Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirate and Master of Using Others’ Impulse for His Benefit IMPULSE


“A blog is neither a diary nor a journal. Many people think of blogging in relation to those two things, confessional or practical. It is neither but includes elements of both.” -Lemn Sissay, Author & Broadcaster RISE OF BLOGGING It’s safe to say blogging is on the rise. As of July 2016, the official count


Click To Enlarge Via Salesforce SOCIAL MEDIA BUDGET Social Media is crucial to any modern eMarketing campaign. It can be hard to forecast "how much is enough" in your social media budget, but has graciously created and shared a helpful tool to inform your budget setting process. Use it to weigh a few important trends, identify important


“Using quantitative analysis, this current study confirmed as a whole that in Greek landscape, media websites with the largest traffic have also the largest proportion of SEO usage. Furthermore, there was a clear correlation between traffic and various SEO factors such as backlinks, bounce rate and the practice of links exchange. The findings showed that popular media websites in


“In Social Media the “squeaky wheel” gets the oil. You have to put yourself out there, to find people who will relate or even debate with you, depending on what you are looking for.” -Jessica Northey, Multimedia Personality and Digital Consultant SOCIAL MEDIA BRANDING SOCIAL MEDIA IS HERE TO STAY Social media continues to rise