Despite what you may have heard from other business owners during their discussions of marketing strategies, a landing page is not simply the page that a hyperlink brings a customer to. Instead, it is a desperate entity, apart from the main site’s navigation, that allows the reader to complete your call to action, or CTA. Think of it like this: If you send an email asking your recipients to sign up for a copy of your eBook, you’d link to your landing page where the only thing they could do on that page was the sign up process.

At first glance, landing pages can seem pretty pointless. Why not just link your reader to you company’s contact page, where they can take the initiative to call you or not? Well, according to research conducted by Hubspot, a landing page is anything BUT useless. In 2017, companies who utilized 40 or more landing pages saw over 150% more new leads, as compared to those who only used 5 or less. That’s a major boon  for companies who spend the time creating landing pages.

Landing pages can also give you an incredible opportunity to gather data about what’s working for your company and what’s not, as well as interested demographics. Measuring visitor patterns can help you determine which campaigns are working, what channels of communication are getting the most attention, and what products people are looking for. Additionally, even a short, 2-3 question form can give you some insight into what exactly it is your customers want to see from your company.

Finally, landing pages make the choice to engage with your content easy. It’s all too often that consumers can get off task without a very specific call to action. On a landing page, the only option is to interact with you content or not, without the chance to be distracted by other pages on your website. When you give them a clear directive, it gives them the sense that you business is passionate about helping them accomplish exactly what you’re wanting them to.

Digital Solutions understands that creating landing pages can pull you away from your business. We can help you manage all of your marketing responsibilities and increase your profits through digital marketing efforts. Now’s a great time to grow through precise, data-driven improvements to your website, and you can start by contacting us.