Paid search is often categorized into two distinct types. The first is PPC, or pay-per-click. In this scenario, you pay someone to allow you to put ads on their page. Each time that you ad is clicked, and thus redirects traffic to your site, you pay the platform. Think about when you Google a product and their are “sponsored” ads at the top of the page. That’s a PPC paid search. Less often, the CPM model is used, or cost-per-impression. This simply means that you pay to have your product, or ad, displayed at the top of the page, whether it’s clicked or not.

Because B2B products are generally more expensive and require more in-depth research than B2C products, the paid search ad cycle is typically much longer for the former case. That means that you have to approach your paid search advertising in such a way that you’re giving your clients and customers advertisements for every stage of that ad cycle. Most consumers, when they want to purchase something, need only search for a product, see an ad, then decide to buy. Business buyers are constantly searching for the best way to save money, especially when the product is something that is bought in bulk. Preparing appropriate paid search ads is going to serve you well.

One of the key differences in B2C and B2B paid search campaigns is what you count as successes. In most B2C campaigns, clicks mean conversions. That is, someone who clicks on the ad is likely to purchase the product. It’s much different with B2B conversions. Oftentimes, because there are so many layers to a business finally purchasing your product, a conversion does not necessarily mean a sale. It usually means that the person searching filled out a form to learn more or registered to have a conversation with you about the product.

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