Inbound Marketing: Still Letting My Fingers Do the Walking

No sooner had I written the last blog article, the “yellow pages” showed up on my front door step. It was delivered in a plastic bag and laid to the side of our door. There it sat, and sat for a few days until finally, I think I brought the bag inside and it likely made it downstairs to my office where it will eventually be opened and the books put on the bottom shelf of my nearest book case. This is where I keep many items I rarely use. But, recently I decided to give it a test.

No More Pretty Pictures With Google Authorship

Google makes a decision that impacts Content Marketers across the board. On June 25th, John Mueller announced that they would be “simplifying the way authorship is shown on mobile and desktop search results, removing the profile photo and circle count.” Up until now, connecting the appropriate profiles in order to set up Google Authorship has been a must for content writers with the possibility of increased click-through-rates and even a boost in page spots in search results. But now, things have changed a little bit, and here is how.

The Power of Social Media

It’s no secret that social media use is increasing every day, and it seems like there is a new social network popping up every time you turn around. But as a business, big or small, how important is social media to you? I learned a few important lessons from something that happened to me recently. I had an issue with my Fitbit Flex , and sought help from Fitbit to get my Flex working correctly.

Why Keeping Track of ROI is the Wrong Way to do Social Media

When making business decisions, we tend to focus on the ROI (Return On Investment). Regardless of the type of investment we are making, whether it is time, finances, or something else, we want to be able to measure how much we are getting in return. This return is most often measured in the financial return, but what about measuring the return on your Social Media investment?

Getting to the Heart of a Project

What is the “heart of a project” or the “heart of an issue?” Often in business I find myself referring to the heart of various ideas and I am reminded of a story.  The story goes like this: There once was a man who was becoming concerned about a maple tree in his yard which was growing large and shading the neighboring crab apple tree.  The maple needed to be moved but who would do the work?

7 Reasons Why You Need to Go MOBILE [Infographic]

Between mobile sites to responsive design, most of us have heard about websites optimized for mobile devices. But how important is it really? Well, the folks across the pond at have put together a little infographic for us to show us just how valuable having a site optimized for mobile devices really is. And here is a little cheat-sheet for you: £1 = $1.71

Popular Web Trends of 2014 – Slideshow!

It’s that time again! We’re half way through the year, and 2014 Web Trends are solidifying. Any business owners looking to maintain an up-to-date feel to their website will want to pay attention and work to implement some of these trends to their website. Remember, it’s all about that first impression: Are you going to wow a prospective client, or turn them away? Please enjoy the following slideshow: