3 Key SEO Pieces: eBook

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Why You Need a Landing Page

By |February 13th, 2018|Categories: Lead Generation|

Despite what you may have heard from other business owners during their discussions of marketing strategies, a landing page is not simply the page that a hyperlink brings a customer to. Instead, it is a desperate entity, apart from the main site's navigation, that allows the reader to complete your

The B2B Guide to Link Building

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Before we begin explaining how to best go about link building, let's start with a simple definition. Link building is when other sites link back to your pages. It's one of the best methods that Google's algorithm has for deciding which websites rank for individual keywords. The more often that

Local Search in 2018

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If you have a small business, especially a brick and mortar, and spend anytime at all dedicated to SEO, you should be focused on climbing the rankings for local search. When Google's algorithm detects that a user is looking for local options (like Googling "delivery in Minneapolis), webpages that have

The B2B Guide to Paid Search

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Paid search is often categorized into two distinct types. The first is PPC, or pay-per-click. In this scenario, you pay someone to allow you to put ads on their page. Each time that you ad is clicked, and thus redirects traffic to your site, you pay the platform. Think about

How Keywords Drive Search Traffic and Social Media

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If you've ever created curated, search engine optimized blog content, then you're at least semi-familiar with the concept of a keyword. These targeted phrases are based on what topics users are searching for the most. If you can create quality content that Google's algorithm likes, you'll climb the rankings on

Are Microsites Still Relevant?

By |January 25th, 2018|Categories: Content Marketing|

It's likely that you've never heard of microsites, much less considered their relevance in your digital marketing plan. The simple, layman definition of a microsite is a site that was created by a company that has a separate URL (and function) from the company's main site. Even more simply, if

The B2B Guide to Email Marketing

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Just as business-to-consumer emails have huge potential to drive sales and profit growth, business-to-business emails can encourage your consumers to take a chance with your company. Your email marketing program can be an efficient way to attract more clients, but it also has the potential to become yet another unread

The B2B Guide to Social Media

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The B2B Guide to Social Media Last week, Digital Solutions presented a post based around creating better B2B content. This week, we're taking the next step, bringing you the B2B guide to social media. Social media has totally shaped who we are as friends, as family, and as businesspeople. What

The B2B Content Marketing Plan

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The B2B Content Marketing Plan Business-to-business transactions can make up a major portion of your sales for the year, but like any demographic, businesses need to be convinced that you're the person they should be buying from. You have the added task of working with people who already know the

Why Content is More Than Pages on a Site

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Content is the most important factor of your website. While this may seem like a bold statement, it's one that has been proven true time and again. Even with the best design that the web has to offer, the written word on your site is what will bring in new

Think Mobile First for Users and Search Engines

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Think Mobile First for Users and Search Engines Gone are the days of the desk-top focused internet browser, and in its place comes the mobile user. According to business insider ComScore, 71% of the 87 hours that Americans spend online each month are based around a mobile device. This means

Your Step-By-Step Guide to a Website Renovation

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A website renovation can be a nerve-wracking, but necessary, choice. This is especially true if your website isn't using modern search engine optimization guidelines or has an outdated interface. The face of modern online marketing shows that here's a strong emphasis on satisfying a particular set of rules and standards