Add Some New Website Features for the New Year

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Add Some New Website Features for the New Year Thinking about optimizing and revising your website this holiday season? You don't need a complete overhaul to create a visually and interactively stunning website. Adding some well-crafted new website features can take an okay-website to new heights. Make Reviews Easier Than

Website Redesign: Overhauling and Improving for 2018

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While the process of website redesign is similar to the process of creating a new website, there are some key differences that can make the process easier and more fulfilling than starting from scratch, especially if you work with a professional web developer. While homemade websites are often enough for

A New Website for the New Year

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Here at Digital Solutions, we love the idea of starting fresh at the top of every year. It gives us a chance to reflect on our goals and create methods to better serve our clients. In celebration of the renewal and freshness that each new year brings, we'd like to

Marketing for Beginners: Focusing Your Demographic

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In part 3 of our series on marketing for beginners, we'll discuss focusing your demographic. Any marketing efforts will be lost if you don't have a clear picture of exactly who you're marketing to. Sending emails and direct mail about your new denture products are going to be lost if

Marketing for Beginners: Build Great Content

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Before you ever publish your site or make a social media post, you need to have a repertoire of excellent blog content to back you up. Check out our first post on marketing for beginners to find out why you need a marketing plan! It begins with nailing down exactly

Marketing for Beginners: Why Should I Market At All?

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While marketing can be a heavy investment for most business, almost every part of your success depends on how successful your marketing techniques are. Product promotion plays the #1 role in making sure that you are highly visible to customers and clients who may not know why they should buy

How Marketing to Current Customers Saves You Money

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It should come as no surprise that keeping your old customers is less expensive than marketing to new customers. Marketing to current customers can be simple and cost-effective. If you have have the skills and tools to encourage current customers to continue buying your product or service, you'll save beaucoups

Questions to Ask Your Small Business Marketing Consultant

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Hiring a small business marketing consultant can be a major step and investment for small business owners. Funds can be especially limited when a small business is first starting off. But, when done correctly, marketing can pay huge dividends that make the work and cost worth it. As you search

Digital Marketing for Architects: What You Need to Know

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Digital Marketing for Architects: What You Need to Know Just as architecture exists at the juncture of art and science, digital marketing for architects must be as precise as the business itself. The strategies must be innovative and the results far-reaching, as the goal is to reach a maximum audience

What Do You Need from Your Social Media Marketing Company?

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What Do You Need from Your Social Media Marketing Company? Hiring a social media marketing company is an investment, and with your investment comes the need for you to understand what your new hire should be doing for you. Without a clear understanding of what you're paying for, it's easy

Branching Out: Tips for Growing Your Business Online

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Branching Out: Tips for Growing Your Business Online Growing your business online can be one of the most inexpensive ways to attract new customers and clients. While most of these tips have options for spending money, many are completely free and require only a little creativity. If you're looking for

3 Benefits of Marketing Through Social Media

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3 Benefits of Marketing Through Social Media Social media marketing can seem scary. We've all seen the horror stories of the Twitter feed gone wrong when a wayward intern got a hold of the account. But, done right, social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow