Through a leadership team of dedicated experts, a passion for serving our clients and doing what we do well, and maintaining the nimble nature of a small Minneapolis Digital Marketing firm, Digital Solutions (DS6) has excelled as a national leader both in the greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul area and beyond!

Digital Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1999 by our President, Marc Ohmann, when the web was just starting to grow in popularity. After surviving a “.com” bubble bursting and several reiterations of successful digital marketing strategies, Digital Solutions has seen all there is to see when it comes to serving our clients well online. Today the digital environment has become the most sought-after marketing niche available and for 16 years, Digital Solutions has had its pulse the entire time!

For over 16 years Digital Solutions has partnered with its clients to provide the best in digital marketing services, including responsive websites, mobile apps, analytics research and leveraged campaigns, integrated marketing campaigns and more.

The Right Digital Partner

“Digital marketing is immensely complex. From web development practices to the nuances of good search engine optimization, analytical-driven data is not getting any simpler. Starting DS6 16 years ago, we have proven ourselves as a viable partner to get our clients found, chosen, and talked about.”

-Marc Ohmann, DS6 CEO

Partner with Digital Solutions


Based in Minneapolis, MN Digital Solutions is a marketing technology firm that builds customized solutions to meet your specific business needs. Serving is at the heart of what we do at Digital Solutions because it’s on the heart of each and every employee. Founded in 1999 with a niche in helping Minneapolis-St.Paul businesses to easily and effectively manage their Internet Marketing, Digital Solutions has experienced substantial growth.

Now we serve businesses all over the country, whether big or small. Digital Solutions is also the parent company of MDWebPro and Aimē Analytics Technology:


After nearly 17 years of helping businesses migrate to the Internet, we have developed a streamlined system for creating satisfied clients. Our process ensures our customers satisfaction. Digital Solutions has taken the time to invest in a proven process for web, app, and digital marketing campaigns. At the end of each project, we ask for customer feedback because we continue to strive forward, always improving our processes. Do, Learn, Pivot is our mentality, and our goal is not sales but satisfied clients through that mentality.

We strive to be:

  • Client-goal centered | It’s not about what we do as a company, but what we help accomplish when it comes to your business, non-profit, or organizational goals.
  • Relationship focused | We operate in a fast-paced and evolving industry of digital marketing but one thing that has not evolved for 16 years is our focus on relationships. We have had clients for over 16 years and we keep seeking ways to increase the delivery of high quality products and services to our clients. Because without our valued clients, we would not have lasted for so many years.
  • Focused on your “return on investment” | At the end of the day any business must look at the bottom line revenue, net profit, and dollars your digital campaigns produce. No one understands that like Digital Solutions.


Through our work together and continuously pushing the limits of technology with innovative concepts and builds, we have created a successful reputation as a leader in the industry of digital marketing. Below are our services:

Custom Web Development

Our technical development teams have produced complex features, integrations, and functionalities to make projects come to life.

Designing and Developing Your Next Website

The Digital Solutions team is skilled in many development languages and platforms. We have (but are not limited to) some specific specialties:

  • Javascript, Scriptaculous, WPF/ jQuery, Prototype,  Couch DB, Action Script, Ajax
  • PHP, Smarty, MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases
  • E-commerce development and security technology
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Site Management Console, Drupal, Concrete5, WordPress, as well as proprietary CMSes
  • Web Application Development: portals, processes, feature sets, integrations, and web-based plugins
  • RSS, XML, SOAP and REST Protocols, APIs, off-site integrations
  • Mobile development, mobile XHTML, browser detection

Today’s development is driven by the abundance of strategies to get more customers. DS6 specializes in conversion-heavy design and web development.

Application Development

We are more than an app development shop – we are an organizational development engine.

Developing Your Next Greatest Idea

Our goal is not to build the fanciest, most feature-filled app possible, because we know that’s not what drives results for your business.

We work, instead, with you to test, refine, and validate your idea based off of real market and user data. Instead of just building as much as we can as quickly as we can, our process focuses on finding out what we need to build in the first place – that’s what makes Digital Solutions different. Our specific areas of mobile web and application development expertise are in:

  • Mobile development, mobile CMS options, mobile browser detection
  • Mobile website design and responsive web design
  • Android app consulting, specification creation, interface design, app development
  • iPhone app consulting, specification creation, interface design, app development
  • iPad app consulting, specification creation, interface design, app development

Search Marketing

Digital Solutions focuses on ROI-driven campaigns and initiatives for each one of our clients.

Getting Your Business Found

From healthcare clients to manufacturing to 3D printing companies, DS6 excels at creating key performance indicators to outline the accomplishments and successes of driving search traffic, actions and leads. Members of Digital Solutions are certified in Google AdWords partnerships. Digital Solutions handles both small and large search marketing campaigns involving search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click marketing, display advertising, paid PR campaigns, big brand marketing and local search marketing on main search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Digital Solutions provides an unbelievable level of strategic thought process, planning, creative approach and execution of search marketing campaigns across the following:

  • Keyword, industry, opportunity and competitor research
  • Google AdWords, re-marketing and display ads, and Bing Ads paid search campaigns
  • Extensive search marketing analytics, reporting and tools through our Inbound Advisor reporting system
  • SEO, local, and Link building strategies and services
  • SEO-friendly web development and technical configurations from build-out projects
  • Local search marketing (Google Places, Maps and Local Directories)

Social Media

The next generation of online marketing is about engagement, integration and participation, not one-way communication.

Getting Your Business Talked About

After all, who wants to be talked at? When we succeed here, then ‘your brand’ becomes ‘our brand’ in conversations everywhere. Communities online are formed around transparent communication between the brand or business and the corresponding consumer for the most positive impact to a business’s or organization’s bottom line. We’re much more than an experienced team of strategists and creatives. We’re bloggers, tweeters, foodies, poets, artists, and people people. Digital Solutions helps in building a community of engaged followers to support a client’s service, product and organization. Digital Solutions lives in the social media space frequently, and proudly offers all elements needed for a successful social media campaign or strategy. We provide expertise in planning, creative design, implementation and custom-built reporting. Our Social Media services include:

  • Digital content optimization
  • Social media outreach on all channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond
  • Profile creation and creative management
  • Social bookmarking, content calendaring and tagging
  • Marketing strategy and content development
  • Blog design and development, strategy and content creation

Creative Services

DS6 is not only a digital leader; we're also very capable of creating the brand that surrounds and embodies your digital presence.

Building Your Business's Brand

Inbound Advisor

With Inbound Advisor, we take our expertise and more than 16 years of Web Development & Marketing experience and apply them to bring unique & in-depth web marketing strategies tailored to your performance goals.

Content Strategy/User Experience

Digital Solutions approaches each project with a fresh perspective and creative mindset that allows us to build the most custom solution to meet our valued clients’ business or organizational objectives. The best foundation of any good digital marketing process is to research and assess content strategies and user experience (UX) flows. We take the time to make sure this is at the forefront of every build we take on.

Creative and Design

Digital Solutions has the talent and experience to produce creative work that accomplishes exactly what our clients seek. We embrace usability, best-practice standards and nuanced opportunities of visual interfaces in any website or application and seek to accomplish and exceed the users’ goals.

DS6: The Next Step

As the digital ecosystem continues to evolve, we will remain on the cutting edge to keep our clients abreast of the changes, driving new business opportunities to them along the way. We’ve been doing it for 16 years. We would love to have you be part of Digital Solutions’ next great step forward. Reach out to us and let’s have a conversation about how we can assist in meeting your digital needs.

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