Add Some New Website Features for the New Year

Thinking about optimizing and revising your website this holiday season? You don’t need a complete overhaul to create a visually and interactively stunning website. Adding some well-crafted new website features can take an okay-website to new heights.

Make Reviews Easier Than Ever

If you don’t already, adding a space for customers to leave their testimonials and reviews can work for you two-fold. Not only does it allow your customers to feel heard about their experience with your product, but it also creates word-of-mouth advertising, right there on your site. Customers who are researching your company will love the easy access to what others have to say.

A Search Tool

Websites that are text- or product-heavy desperately need search functionality. One of your main goals for having your website should be creating an environment that easily allows customers to access everything that you have to offer. A search bar makes this easier and more intuitive. Be sure to optimize the tags on your products and posts, so that the searches return the most relevant results.

Subscription Pop-Ups

One of the most useful new website features is a subscription pop-up. If the reader visited the site with the intention of purchasing a good or service, a pop-up offering a discount by entering their email address may be exactly what they need to be convinced. Be sure that the coupon is automatically delivered, as too long of a wait may mean they start browsing around for other deals.

Digital Solutions wants to help you give your website a bright look for the New Year. We can help you add new website features that enhance functionality, create an intuitive customer interface, and encourage your profits to soar. Contact us today for special offers and discounts on website makeovers!