It should come as no surprise that keeping your old customers is less expensive than marketing to new customers. Marketing to current customers can be simple and cost-effective. If you have have the skills and tools to encourage current customers to continue buying your product or service, you’ll save beaucoups of cash on future marketing ventures. Here’s a couple tricks to maintaining your customer base:

Keep Communication Open and Innovative

Sending out email blasts with coupons is easy, but it’s not particularly effective. If you want to really convince customers to come back for more, social media posts are one of the easiest ways to do so. You can use apps such as Boomerang or even create a short video that showcases your coupon. Share testimonials that include you response to a grateful customer. Host a customer appreciation giveaway. There’s a multitude of methods to communicate with your clients. All it takes is a little creativity.

Keep It Exclusive

Make it abundantly clear that your deals are for loyal customers. You can customize your emails and posts to thank each customer for the amount of time they’ve been with you and offer them special goodies based on their time. For example, offer a 20% coupon for those who have been with you for 1 year and 40% for those who have been with you for 2 years, and so on. It shows the ones who have been with you for less time that there are perks to remaining a customer and reminds your long-standing clients why they chose you in the first place.

Keep an Eye on the Details

One of the best ways to convince online customers to purchase your items is offering special deals to those who have abandoned their shopping cart. For example, if a cart has been full of items for 5 days with no sign of an intention to check out, send along a 10% off coupon. That just may be the little push that the customer needed to actually buy your products.

Marketing isn’t easy, but it’s certainly worth it! Marketing to current customers is one of the best ways to increase sales, maintain good relationships, and save cash on expensive new customer tactics. Contact Digital Solutions and speak to one of our professional marketing staff to get started!