Getting Organized

  I have a huge appreciation for spaces that are well organized. I'm not saying I need everything to be perfect, but I like it when a space looks clean, and I know where everything is. That being said, I don't like going home right now. I just moved a few days ago, and there

A Case For Video Marketing Ebook

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5 keys for a better website RFP

It's not often that we participate in the RFP (Request for Proposal) process for any new projects.  From our perspective RFPs tend to miss out on the heart of what will make a great website and inbound marketing campaign.  They tend to focus on finding the lowest cost solutions and nice to have features while

On Marketing and Marriage- Some Parallels

      As of  Wednesday September 3rd I have been blessed with 31yrs. of marriage to the one and only woman in my life- my "wife for life" as I like to say!  So, as I was waiting for my  client appointment yesterday I was taken with the idea that there might be some