Before we begin explaining how to best go about link building, let’s start with a simple definition. Link building is when other sites link back to your pages. It’s one of the best methods that Google’s algorithm has for deciding which websites rank for individual keywords. The more often that your site is  linked on other pages, the more likely you are to convince search engines that your content is worth taking a look at.

The perceived problem with link building for businesses is something that we’ve discussed before. When marketing to customers, there’s fun that can be had with the campaigns because the products being sold are fun. When you’re marketing to a business, the products are usually industry-specific and not very exciting.

There’s a very easy way to assure that link building is happening for you, and it’s all a matter of doing the process internally. If you’re creating excellent content, there’s no reason why Google’s algorithm won’t pick up on the quality, which gives you the opportunity to optimize internally.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Create Incredible Content

Write about the things that your company is passionate about. If you sell a particular part for oil field pumps, discuss the importance of oil in the world’s economy or the efforts that go into getting a patent on your invention. Just because your product is ho-hum doesn’t mean that your content can’t be stellar. Be sure that you’re using keywords with intention, creating meta-descriptions that contain those keywords, and using images that incorporate alt-tags with the keywords.

2. Find Link Building Opportunities

Within your own content, reference back to past blog posts, critical pages on your site, or your contact information. This is a great way to convince businesses to spend more time on your site, which has a direct correlation to their likelihood of actually purchasing your product. We discussed this in a blog post a few weeks ago. Because businesses are likely going to spend huge amounts of money on a bulk product, they’re more likely than your average consumer to spend time deliberating on which company they’re going to purchase from. It’s your job to keep them interested.

3. Reach Out

Is there another industry that goes hand in hand with yours? Strike up a conversation about exchanging blog links with one another with the intention to link build on each other’s site. Be sure that the content being linked back to is of the same quality that you would expect from your own site before you commit to anything.

That’s all there is to it! Digital Solutions can help you get started. Give us a call or send us an email!