The B2B Guide to Social Media

Last week, Digital Solutions presented a post based around creating better B2B content. This week, we’re taking the next step, bringing you the B2B guide to social media. Social media has totally shaped who we are as friends, as family, and as businesspeople. What was once a way to connect with those close to you has become a major player in the world of business marketing. Those who market to other businesses have an opportunity to use social media as a tool.

Crunch the Numbers

One of the most important steps in establishing a business-to-business social media presence is to spend some serious time analyzing what works and what doesn’t. You should test out different approaches to your marketing program, whether it’s implementing more multi-media projects or posting longer narratives that explore your brand. You never know what is going to catch the eye of your buyers.

Once you’ve tested out multiple means of social media communication, you need to use analytics to decide what method works best for you. Just as every artist isn’t skilled in every form of expression, no company can be expected to be great at every post. You have to find your niche, using quantitative information, and work within it.

Field Specific Doesn’t Mean Boring

Another important aspect of this B2B guide to social media is keeping your posts entertaining. Field specific writing can be very difficult to write, as it often comes across as only pertaining to those who are already experts in the field. Obviously, your consumers are likely not experts or they wouldn’t be coming to you for services. Your social media posts can be field specific without falling into the trap of being so jargon-heavy that they’re impossible to read.

One great way to make them more interesting to the businesses following your social media is to focus less on the actual product and more on the human side of your business. Here’s an example.

Let’s say that your company sells paper to schools and other businesses around your county. While telling people about the different sizes and materials that your paper is made from may not interest those outside of the paper business, discussing the impact that paper products still have on schools during the age of technology could be a very human approach to your social media.

Don’t Forget the Personal Touch

Finally, and perhaps the most easily accomplished, step of creating a social media brand is to always have that personal touch. When making posts, have the writer sign their name. Use the first person and “I” or “we” statements. The business field can feel very sterile and pragmatic, when more than ever people are seeking to forge true connections. In order to do so, you must be willing to put a face on your business that lets other businesses know that you’re more than data, sales, and contracts.

You can learn more about B2B social media by getting in touch with one of the experts at Digital Solutions. Our decades of experience in both business to consumer and business to business marketing will have you putting your best foot forward on social media.