Hiring a small business marketing consultant can be a major step and investment for small business owners. Funds can be especially limited when a small business is first starting off. But, when done correctly, marketing can pay huge dividends that make the work and cost worth it. As you search for a small business marketing consultant that fits your needs, try these questions to assure that they are the right fit for you.

  1. Are you up-to-date on technology?

One of the biggest red flags of small business marketing firm is the way that the mobile version of their built websites look. If it simply a smaller rendering of the desktop version, run away. Google won’t rank mobile websites that are not responsive, and that could do serious harm to your business’ presence. Over 50% of search queries are completed on a mobile device.

2. Can you discuss the fine print?

If your small business marketing consultant is unwilling or unable to candidly discuss the fine print of your contract, it’s probably not someone that you want to work with. They should be able to tell you exactly what product you can expect from them, including how many times a week they will be posting content for you and what platforms they will sharing this content on. If you’re unhappy with their answer, they also must be willing to meet you needs (for a fair price).

3. Are you locally based?

As much as technology has enabled us to connect with people all over the world, a local small business marketing consultant is probably better, at least in the beginning. In choosing a local business, you will be able to meet face-to-face, instead of relying on video chat and email. While these are a nice way to communicate, small businesses may find themselves seeking the personal connection that proximity allows.

If you’re searching for a small business marketing firm that is eager to work with you, give Digital Solutions a call. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we are eager to help those in the Twin Cities find their marketing niche.