While the process of website redesign is similar to the process of creating a new website, there are some key differences that can make the process easier and more fulfilling than starting from scratch, especially if you work with a professional web developer. While homemade websites are often enough for a business that is just starting out, growth in sales requires growth in appearance. A redesign for the new year may be just the ticket to having even greater success in your business in 2018.

Whereas starting a new website requires creating content from scratch, an old website is a goldmine for valuable content that can easily be optimized and transferred over to your redesign. Optimizing your content means that more people than ever will be exposed to it, and your website’s facelift will make sure that they stick around on your page long enough to procure your goods or services.

A website redesign also allows you to work more closely with your website developer. Those who have never had experience building a website may feel alienated by the process, or that they don’t know enough to have a say in what it looks like. Someone who has already worked with a previous website will have confidence in knowing what they want and the steps that it takes to achieve it. Those who work with developers and designers through a web design can have more input, which means that they are more likely to get exactly what they want.

Finally, a website redesign allows you to both reconnect with old customers and create relationships with new customers. You can get your loyal customers excited about new offers and promotions celebrating the launch and tempt new customers in with exclusive sales for first-time buyers. A redesign means that you can take full advantage of everything that you’ve learned about running a website and apply it to something even better. Digital Solutions can help. Contact us today for special promotions on website redesigns!