Think Mobile First for Users and Search Engines

Gone are the days of the desk-top focused internet browser, and in its place comes the mobile user. According to business insider ComScore, 71% of the 87 hours that Americans spend online each month are based around a mobile device. This means that your average American consumer spends a whopping 61 hours completing searches on their smart phone. If your website isn’t mobile-ready, you’re missing out on massive demographics. Thinking mobile first means that you’re impacting the most users from the start.

Getting Your Site Mobile Ready

Having a mobile site isn’t as simple as being able to view your desktop site on your phone. In order to meet customers on both platforms, you’ll likely need two separate sites. One of these will be your full-service, desktop site, while the other will be a specially-optimized site that focuses on the most important information and makes it mobile responsive.

Don’t want to leave anything out? Mobile responsive sites are smart enough to adapt to your viewers’ specific needs. Whether it’s laptop, tablet, or mobile, your site can adjust to everyone’s preferences.

What’s Google Got to Do With It?

As of 2015, Google implemented a change in its algorithm that would give preferential treatment in the search rankings to sites that were mobile-friendly. This, of course, came about because of the huge number of users completing searches on smart devices over desktop computers.

Still not convinced? Google rolled out another major algorithm update just last May that bumped up the rankings even more for those who were thinking mobile first. As the most popular search engine in the world, Google has made it clear that the future of web browsing and searching is in our pockets, and Digital Solutions can help your company prepare.

Ready to start benefitting from the mobile-focused search rankings? Get started with Digital Solutions and you’ll find yourself climbing to the top of the results pages. With over two decades in the business, we’ve seen trends come and go, but mobile first website design has staying power. Stay ahead of the curve with Digital Solutions.