Why Do I Need Digital Marketing Solutions?

Kicking off your startup isn’t easy. It requires juggling a lot of different plates, and each of those plates has a different checklist that will help you reach your goal. When creating an online presence, there are a bevy of digital marketing solutions that can help create an online presence. These tools can help your content and website reach new audiences and demographics faster than ever.


We’ve all seen the stock images that companies use- The smiling businessman looking unnaturally happy at his conference. If you’re looking for stock images that have more of an artistic vision for your website, Pexels is the way to go. This site is completely free and the pictures are as unique as the photographer. No longer do you have to sacrifice great photography for the sake of saving on photography costs. You’ll find your classic images of business deals and paperwork, along with some surprisingly beautiful photos of nature, animals, and people interacting.


If you’re using WordPress to create your website, Yoast is an indispensable add-on that will help you create content that truly reaches your target audience using search engine optimization, or SEO. With a simple stop-light system, Yoast analyzes your blog content for density of key terms, readability, and metadescriptions to help your content reach higher Google ratings. Higher Google ratings means that the audiences searching for your services see your content, and thus, see your website. If you can create content that makes you seem friendly and professional, you’re more likely to get those readers to become customers.

Google Analytics

If you’re looking to track your website’s functionality and usefulness to the utmost, Google Analytics is the tool for you. Using a dashboard of tools and widgets, users can pull reports for just about anything, from the demographic of people visiting your site to the number of clicks on a particular link. Google Analytics is also useful for anyone who is not using WordPress for their site, as it also has SEO features.