Content is the most important factor of your website. While this may seem like a bold statement, it’s one that has been proven true time and again. Even with the best design that the web has to offer, the written word on your site is what will bring in new customers.

With great content, you can target the needs and wants of your demographics in way that puts a human face to your company. With an increasing sense of isolation in a technologically-advanced world, the last thing that consumers want is another sterile company facade that they feel no connection to.

Content comes in many forms. Some companies share videos that showcase their product. Others opt for imagery, such as photography or infographics, that provide concise bites of information that translate well to social media platforms. In most cases, though, content comes in the form of well-written blog posts that share information about your company, your industry, and your product.

While these posts can be an amazing opportunity to advertise, especially if the content is then shared to your social media sites, the purpose is not advertisement specific. Instead, a well-written blog post takes a two-prong approach to leading future customers and clients to your site.

The first benefit of posting articles is that it draws readers to your webpage. Think about all the times you’ve scrolled through Facebook and seen an intriguing video demonstrating a product or had your eye caught by a catchy headline. Did you want to read more, even if you were just curious about how the product worked? That’s what content can do for you. Even if the customer only clicks your link to learn more, you’ve got them on your site, which means you’re on their mind. If they don’t buy today, you’ve at least become an option.

The other benefit is that if you follow Google’s rules for search engine rankings, thoughtful posts could end up on the first page of results when your future clients go searching for information relevant to your field. For example, if you are an architect and you build an article around common terms that architects use, you’ll be more likely to appear as a results when people search for those words, so long as your post is optimized for Google. It’s a process that can take some getting used to, but is certainly worth the effort.

Not a great writer? That’s no problem. Copywriters can rise to the occasion. Often, these freelance writers can be contracted out to create and schedule amazing content for your website. Copywriters have experiencing crafting optimized posts that will rank high on search engine returns. This process is called SEO, or search engine optimization.

SEO is the key to pulling in customers with your posts, and Digital Solutions can help you get started. With nearly two decades of experience, we’ve seen different algorithms come and go. We keep our finger on the pulse of updating search engine optimization rules, so you can rest assured that your results will be ranking. Contact us today to get started producing content with a purpose!