Attorney Website Design in Focus

A web presence can be one of the #1 deciding factors of whether or not you’re truly competing with other businesses in your radar. Most potential clients begin their search for an attorney online. If you haven’t chosen to focus on attorney website design, you’re missing out on potential leads for your firm. Here are a few elements that can attract clients from your website to your door.

A Search Function

Potential clients will want to know whether your firm has lawyers on staff that can help with their specific needs. Integrating a search function that allows browsers to search by specialization and location will draw them to the blog content and contact information that they need.

Custom Content

Creating blog content will draw in clients who are simply searching for background information on a particular topic. If a client is concerned about custody law, creating content about custody law can draw them in from their Google search page to your website. Even if they aren’t specifically looking for an attorney yet, when they are going to take the plunge, your excellent information will stick out in their mind.

Personable Attorney Profiles

Often, professional website profiles can seem alienating. Creating descriptions of your attorneys that are both professional and personable can create reader interest and be more memorable than your typical description of education and background. Even sharing information about family or pets can make your attorneys more approachable and give a sense of common ground.

Convincing Testimonials

Just as “word of mouth” has a tremendous influence on a client’s attorney choice, online testimonials can draw in those who are still wary of which attorney they want to work with. Clients will be searching for attorneys who have a track record of being excellent in their field, who work well with those who may not have a great understanding of the law, and most of all, attorneys who will win their case. Sharing success stories on your website will bring a sense of comfort in their choice to your potential client.

Stunning Photography

Though there isn’t anything inherently bad about using stock photography, you’ll be better off paying for professional photography of your actual firm to use on your site. While the smiling lawyer in a navy blue suit is a handsome enough photo, it can be very clear to frequent internet users that it is stock photography, because it is a frequent flier on attorney websites. When crafting beautiful attorney website design, be considerate of standing out from the crowd.