With nearly two dozen Minneapolis app development firms on the market, it can be challenging to choose one that will best fit your needs. App development is more than just coding. It requires a team of experts who can complete each part of the project, from marketing to field testing. If you’re on the search for a Minneapolis app development team, there are some guidelines that you should follow, in order to get the best bang for your buck.

Why Do I Need a Business App?

According to Statista, app downloads are rising from 179 billion in 2014 to a projected 268 billion in 2017. This trend has held true since the first app was placed on the market in the late twentieth century. Now, despite game apps still holding the top spot of app downloads at 20% of the total, business and apps are gaining popularity and account for about 10% of all app downloads. If you’re business doesn’t have an app, you’re already behind.

What about Your Website?

While having a website is necessary to give your users a fully rounded experience with your business, a potential client is more likely to use your app than your website. The recent trend shows computer use dropping off at astonishing rates. But, having a webpage that is mobile compatible is not enough. A survey done by Flurry Analytics shows that users only spend about 10% of their time on their mobile device using their browser and the other 90% engaging with apps.

Who Should I Be Seeking Out?

If you’re on the lookout for a Minneapolis app development company, you should remember that credentials and reputation should precede all else. Look for a Minneapolis app development company that has excellent online ratings and a portfolio that impresses you.

A successful team will have multiple players who work together to make your app exactly what you’ve dreamed it will be. That includes everyone from a designer, who creates and perfects the aesthetics of the app, to a project manager who will oversee all of the other cogs working together. This team should be willing to meet you where you are. Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’ve already begun the basic coding, a good Minneapolis app development team will work with your level of completion.

Minneapolis App Development: Is it Worth the Cost?

It can be tempting to tackle app development on your own, given the upfront costs- smaller businesses usually charge anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000- but will pay back dividends in time saved. This is particularly true if you have not learned coding yet. The time expenditure just in learning that skill is worth the cost of giving experts the opportunity to create a functional app. Add to that the time spent developing, beta testing, and proofing the app, and you could have already had an app!