Why Medical Web Development?

In the digital age, more and more patients are going to want to be able to conveniently schedule appointments on the go. With online scheduling and resources, the phone call to the doctor’s office is becoming a thing of the past. If your practice doesn’t yet have an online presence, specialists in medical web development can fast-forward your business.

Why Online Resources?

Most of your patients are going to rely on online research, instead of word-of-mouth, to determine what medical practice will best fit their needs. If you aren’t taking your place among the mass of medical practices that are taking advantage of an online presence, you’re in the periphery of patients. To move yourself to the forefront, you’ll need to come up in the search results when they are Googling their specific symptoms.

 Why Online Scheduling?

In a 2016 survey by PatientPop, 42% of surveyed patients want access to online scheduling. Of those who had access to online scheduling, nearly 35% of surveyed patients scheduled appointments during non-office hours. That means that patients who don’t necessarily have the time in a day to make a phone call during business hours  are able to quickly and intuitively schedule appointments when it is convenient for them. Neglecting that particular demographic in patients means that your potential clients are choosing the other practices that do offer the service.

Why Mobile Capabilities?

It’s simply not enough to offer online scheduling on desktop computers. For the first time ever, cellphone and tablet usage is surpassing that of PC usage. According to statistics gathered by StatCounter, mobile device internet access has surpassed the halfway point, overtaking home computer internet access and is projected to continue to grow in the future. Offering mobile access, or even apps, will garner any even larger percentage of site traffic. It can seem overwhelming to even consider the process of app creation, but experts in medical web development can help seamlessly integrate your traditional online page with a complementary mobile capable page or application.