Social media marketing to an individual demographic can be difficult, especially if you don’t have people on your team who are part of that demographic. One of the most illusive demographics are the millennials. Commonly described as those born between 1982 and 2004. While no demographic is uniform, there are trends that can help you market to the appropriate social media outlet.


With the advancements in video editing software, as well as the access to high tech cameras right on our smart phones, it’s easier than ever to produce high quality videos. Millennials tend to be drawn to short, concise videos for their social media marketing. Because of apps like SnapChat and Boomerang, text is simply not the way to appeal to your millennial demographics.


While Facebook was originally popular for college-aged consumers and younger, more and more older adults are joining up, prompting a swift migration to other platforms for millennials. According to a recent Nielson survey, 41% of millennials use SnapChat daily. Big brands are using the platform for advertising in both the stories and on the discover channel. Live stories allow brands to upload videos that are on the pulse of the company. The Discovery feature allows users to find their favorite brands and see what they are up to.



Instagram allows users to view all of their favorite brands’ posts in one easy timeline, without dealing with other media types such as text, game invitations, and the like as one would see on Facebook. These posts need to be straight to the point- snap a pic of what you’re selling, create a fun hashtag, and you’re ready to go. Apps like Boomarang make it fun and easy to post short gifs and videos that celebrate your brand and it’s easy to follow large groups of people at once, assuring that you permeate the market.