4 Tips for Marketing a Small Business

Marketing a small business is one of the most important steps in assuring that you get your foot in the door. Unlike big businesses, who already have a large clientele, your biggest concern should be making sure that everyone around you knows that you exist and that you have a product of service to offer.

Social Media Savvy

Social media is huge and the way that you market with it will depend entirely on your demographics. This may surprise you, but millennials are moving away from Facebook and focusing mainly on platforms such as Instagram and SnapChat. If you’re selling a new eyebrow pomade or matte lipstick, you’re going to want to focus on image/video-heavy, tutorial style marketing on those platforms. If you’re selling stellar golf clubs or life insurance policies, Facebook posts are more likely to find your demographic.

Great Content

Blogging is one of the best ways to draw traffic to your site. SEO specific content makes sure that Google is listing your content on their search pages, so long as it is well-written and unique. Just as everyone can’t run a business, everyone can’t be a writer. If you’re not privy to SEO content or simply don’t have the skills to write engaging material, hire a professional or take classes. It will pay off.


Infographics are a fun way to present a lot of information in digestible pieces. Combining graphic design and the written word, they keep people interested, like a picture book. It doesn’t feel overwhelming to look at an infographic and learn something new because it’s just so engaging. Marketing a small business requires many hats and creative presentation of information is just one of them.

Online Contests and Giveaways

Everyone likes something for free and online giveaways are a great way to convince your market to spread the word about your company. It’s simple: Write your giveaway post and require that it is “shared” in order to enter. Voila- you have just reached every friend of every person who shared your post.

Marketing your small business can feel like a Herculean task, but it doesn’t have to be. The experts at Digital Solutions can help you prepare your small business for the world of marketing with nearly 2 decades of experience and a staff dedicated to helping you stand out to your market.