Did You Know? Google Searches On Mobile Devices

We have mentioned before that there is more web traffic on mobile devices than on desktops or laptops. But now, we have learned that there are more Google searches performed on mobile devices than on desktops. What does this mean for you? Do you have a mobile website? If not, your site will fall in

Keys To Effective Lead Generation

Effective lead generation is the first step toward robust sales. Lead generation—the common term applied to the process of seeking out and reaching potential customers—utilizes many different tactics to achieve sales goals. Not all tactics are equal in results, however, and your business may not benefit from pouring money equally into all the various areas

Today’s SEO Landscape (Video)

  Hi everybody. Marc Ohmann with Digital Solutions. Today we’re going to talk about a topic that’s very dear to my heart, and that is SEO, and picture of the SEO landscape today. Of course, SEO is search engine optimization, and a lot of changes have happened recently in the last two to three years

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