What images come to mind when you hear that term?  Hopefully not this


and not this:


Though, given a second thought there might be some correlation- for better or worse. The NSA exists to help protect America by providing intelligence related to external and internal threats directed against  our country. It likely has multiple specialties within its organization but in theory at least it is supposed to work in conjunction with other agencies that are also tasked with a similar mission.  Given that background, lets look at website web agencies and do a little comparing and contrasting to see if we can come up with some qualities of a good website agency.


Website Agencies or companies?

 I know, it’s just semantics and may be a generational thing,(I am a later  baby-boomer) but in my mind an agency denotes specialized focus, possibly smaller (like a sports star having an “agent” he works through) and helping to make transactions between of various kinds occurring between different parties come together. On the other hand a company seems to communicate the idea of a larger entity (though not necessarily) and possibly multi-faceted, having a variety of services or products it offers.  Whichever the case, the latter item is sometimes overlooked.  Be sure the group you work with not only will be around next year, but will be around with the tools and resources you need to accommodate  your future needs especially as you take that website to market and start to get serious about being found online.


A Tangled Web?

 They don’t call it the world wide web for nothing!  I know almost no one actually uses those words but web is aptly chosen given the instantaneous connections that can be made electronically. Web also makes sense given the vast and constantly expanding and changing world of “search.”  When looking for  website agencies, what you don’t want is a tangled web.  I am referring to a group that may not communicate well with the client, can never seem to put a finger on that earlier conversation regarding an invoice or, worse yet, fails to communicate in a timely fashion.  A good website agency or website company should be able to deliver your project at the pricing you agreed to, and at the time you agreed to. You do not want to work with a website company that says in effect, “creativity takes time, and so we will let you know when the sitemap is ready.”  A website agency should also not be “covert” in the sense of giving you something that is not what you paid for. If dates, pricing and a clear statement of work combined with a good page overview are not part of the deal, then that deal is not for you!   

Websites…and beyond! 

Like the NSA, a good website agency or company should build sites that are secure and able to be maintained securely in the future- that’s a given. The company should also have enough additional services to correlate with your future growth that is sure to come about because you have a new website with optimized page content and a section to blog!   Ask yourself: Can the company you are looking at not only build, but provide the typical webmaster- type updating and repairing that will eventually be needed?  Does the website agency ensure that sites are built with optimized page content to begin with?  Where do they obtain the keyword information necessary to ensure that…or do they at all?  Last, but not least, can this website agency take you the next step and provide an internet marketing strategy that has an ROI focus? 

Some things to consider!  

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