BRAND CAMPAIGNS ARE COMPLEX I think Carabiner Communications nailed this infographic. One look at the infographic and it doesn't take long to tell that marketing your branding campaign can be complex. One thing business after business is finding is that you need to effectively share your company's unique story (or stories). You want people to get to

Pay-Per-Click and Fast Food

Fast food is woven into the fabric of modern America. As a society built on convenience and efficiency, we often find ourselves settling for a quick burger comprised of preservatives and manufactured within the confines of a beef assembly line. Though the thought of a thorough, home-cooked meal may make our mouths water, we often

How To Write A Facebook Ad

When I joined Facebook as a freshman in college, I never would have thought that it would be as big as it is today. I had never heard of Facebook before one of the upperclassmen told all of us to join it during orientation. Back then, you had to be a college student to join.

Introduction to Remarketing

Hello Everyone, and happy Friday! Today’s topic is an exciting one: Remarketing Ads. In this article, I’ll be going over what Remarketing is, how it works, and some best practices in regards to ad design. Let’s jump right in! So what is Remarketing, anyways?