When I joined Facebook as a freshman in college, I never would have thought that it would be as big as it is today. I had never heard of Facebook before one of the upperclassmen told all of us to join it during orientation.

Back then, you had to be a college student to join. Fast forward to today, and just about everybody has a Facebook profile. And not just individuals, but businesses and organizations have Facebook pages too. If your business doesn’t have a Facebook page, you should create one as soon as possible. And of that sounds overwhelming, we can help you with that.

But since you’re reading this, you probably have a page for your business, and you’re looking at creating an ad for your business. That’s great! But what do you need to consider when you’rewriting your Facebook ad? Here are some questions to ask yourself as you begin this process.

1. Who am I trying to reach?

One of the nice things about running ads on Facebook is that you can target a specific age group, as well as a geographic area. Be careful about being so specific that only a few people see your ad, but Facebook has tools that show you if your add is too specific or too broad.

2. How much should I spend?

Most people and businesses are on tight budgets, and especially when it comes to their marketing budget. Facebook lets you determine how much money to spend per day starting at $1. They also show you approximately how many people your ad will reach based on the dollar amount you enter.

3. What should my ad say?

This is really important! Facebook users don’t want to read an ad that’s anything more than 2-3 sentences long. Be clear and concise with your ad. And make sure to use a high quality image.

These are just a few things to consider when you want to write a Facebook ad. There are definitely other things to consider as well. I encourage you to take some time and look at the ad writing process in Facebook. I’m happy to answer as many questions as I can too! Find me on Twitter @P_Wunder. Or leave a comment below.