Getting Organized

  I have a huge appreciation for spaces that are well organized. I'm not saying I need everything to be perfect, but I like it when a space looks clean, and I know where everything is. That being said, I don't like going home right now. I just moved a few days ago, and there

On Marketing and Marriage- Some Parallels

      As of  Wednesday September 3rd I have been blessed with 31yrs. of marriage to the one and only woman in my life- my "wife for life" as I like to say!  So, as I was waiting for my  client appointment yesterday I was taken with the idea that there might be some

5 Reasons Not Redesigning Your Website is Killing Your Performance

I hear it a lot. "Our website doesn't make us any money," or "We just updated our website 2 years ago!" While I can definitely understand that it's a leap to put more money into something that, for most businesses, is "the land of the unknown," that type of thinking is erroneous. I'll tell you

What to do (and not do) when your project goes wrong

You wake up Monday morning, and you know you have to work on THAT project first thing when you get to the office. You work on it all day, with little success. 5 o’clock brings a little relief, but when your head hits the pillow you know that tomorrow will be a lot of the same.

Digital Solutions Update: Expansion & Development!

2014 has brought quite a few changes to the Digital Solutions office. From new faces around the office, to expanding our space, we are excited about the direction that the company is going. With all of the change, we wanted to show some of the new renovations and that have been made to the office, so here is a look into the new Digital Solutions work space!

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We Wont Let The Heartbleed Bug Bleed You Dry

Have you heard of The Heartbleed Bug? Throughout the internet there are vulnerabilities that may allow for information to be easier to access than people might be comfortable with and over the last 48 hours  The Heartbleed Bug come to our attention. Here is a excerpt from that shows the impact this bug that is going around the internet has on OpenSSL sites:

Why Your Website Won’t Get the Return You’re Looking For | Landing Pages

So you’ve got your website, and you’re all ready to start letting the traffic flood in. Your Google AdWords are doing their job, and all is well. Seeing all sorts of traffic on your site is wonderful, but what happens when you realize that no one is buying anything? Enter the Landing Page.