2014 has brought quite a few changes to the Digital Solutions office. From new faces around the office, to expanding our space, we are excited about the direction that the company is going. With all of the change, we wanted to show some of the new renovations and that have been made to the office, so here is a look into the new Digital Solutions work space!

Before: Welcome Lounge

This was the view of the entrance area of the office. Dated pictures, old carpet, and furniture that hurt your eyes too look at, it was in need of some change.

Front Desk - Before


Front Desk Signs

With the addition of new carpet, modern signage, and nappably comfortable couches, we are definitely enjoying this space like never before!




Welcome Space





Because of the way that our building is laid out and positions we had run into problems with people knowing where to go when meeting at our office. But NO MORE! We’ve added lots of signs fully equipped with our newly designed logo.

Building Signs


Sign 1

Door Signs










New Work Space:

Things were getting a little tight, and so we decided to expand! We have added new offices as well as taken over the conference room by adding some color and new furniture.

The Presidential Office: Upgraded to a desk that rises and lowers at the push of a button. The are all the rage in Europe. And of course Marc had to have a whiteboard installed in his office.

Bossman New Set Up

More Whiteboards - Marc







More office meeting space, and MORE WHITEBOARDS!

More Space


Updated Conference Room: We added new furniture, a TV, 24 square feet of whiteboard, and a splash of color to our primary conference room space.

Conference Room


LAST, BUT NOT LEAST: We have been and will continue to grow over the course of the next weeks, months, and years and we are always looking for new ways to expand our team, so if you can see yourself sitting in this spot, contact us!

Places to Sit