I hear it a lot. “Our website doesn’t make us any money,” or “We just updated our website 2 years ago!” While I can definitely understand that it’s a leap to put more money into something that, for most businesses, is “the land of the unknown,” that type of thinking is erroneous. I’ll tell you why.

The world of Website Design is constantly changing. Pioneers of the field are always figuring out new ways to keep users on your website by giving them a better experience through load speed, entertainment, and over-all improved usability. Not only that, but the coding is always being updated as well. Do you know if your website was built in HTML 5? Did you know that the color scheme you chose could be turning people away?

This infographic from Red-Website-Design.com is packed full of insightful information about why visitors aren’t staying on certain websites, and what might be turning them away. Enjoy!