The Hidden Revenue in Your Rolodex [ebook]

Download our latest ebook examining how digital marketing can transform a rolodex into new revenue. In this case study we take a look at the lawyer marketing in particular but many of the findings apply to professional services of all kinds. Download your copy today and start driving new revenue from your contact list.


“Think like a customer.” -Paul, Gillin, author SIMPLE STARTER PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT CATALOG Part of growing your business includes telling people that your business exists. Pretty simple concept, right? You can do that in a lot of ways, but one way you do that is by creating products that have important information about your business to


“Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.” -Milton Hershey SEO BRAND AWARENESS AND RETAIL SEO can help optimize your site for search engines. It can improve your position in search rankings. You can improve your probability of a click after a search. Its likely you know this. But did you know SEO can


TURNING HITS TO VIEWS TO SALES PART II “Content is king.” – Bill Gates Content is king is a little vague. Why is content king? What is it king of? Content is king over the kingdom called the “World Wide Web”. Content is king because, when created and implemented correctly, it becomes the fly in


THE HITS AND VIEWS RELATIONSHIP “If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business." -B.C. Forbes THE DRIVER’S SEAT Business owners face many challenges. Simply getting to the point of opening a business can be a challenge in and of itself. You have made a decision to invest your money, time,

Web Agencies

What images come to mind when you hear that term?  Hopefully not this   and not this:   Though, given a second thought there might be some correlation- for better or worse. The NSA exists to help protect America by providing intelligence related to external and internal threats directed against  our country. It likely has

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Lead Generation: One Big Takeaway

“Every day is School.” That’s my 88-year-old Grandpa’s come-back when I tell him he should get his Master’s Degree after countless times of him badgering me to get mine. Just the other day, as we were driving to Culvers for lunch, he asked me how school was going. “I’m not in school. I told you.”

Post “Mobile-Geddon” Now What? Another Perspective…

Maybe we can take ourselves too seriously- or some of the business news items we follow for that matter. April 21st has come and gone and changes have taken place in the search world for sure- at least as it relates to mobile friendly sites. Google has made its changes and will continue to do

Get Mobile Responsive!

The Time to Get Mobile Responsive is Running Out!       The countdown is on and April 21st is fast approaching. Here is what we know will happen on, as one industry analyst called it: Mobilegeddon! Gary Illyes, from Google has shared a few details: At first it was indicated that responsive design would not