Lead Generation: One Big Takeaway

“Every day is School.” That’s my 88-year-old Grandpa’s come-back when I tell him he should get his Master’s Degree after countless times of him badgering me to get mine. Just the other day, as we were driving to Culvers for lunch, he asked me how school was going. “I’m not in school. I told you.”

Post “Mobile-Geddon” Now What? Another Perspective…

Maybe we can take ourselves too seriously- or some of the business news items we follow for that matter. April 21st has come and gone and changes have taken place in the search world for sure- at least as it relates to mobile friendly sites. Google has made its changes and will continue to do

Get Mobile Responsive!

The Time to Get Mobile Responsive is Running Out!       The countdown is on and April 21st is fast approaching. Here is what we know will happen on, as one industry analyst called it: Mobilegeddon! Gary Illyes, from Google has shared a few details: At first it was indicated that responsive design would not

Want to Get Rankings? Try This!

Are you one of those business owners who are looking to get things running with your Search Engine rankings? Good! I still get surprised every time I hear of a business that mentions not getting any business from the Internet. Get more rankings with Digital Solutions. If you've seen the light, here's an infographic on

SEO in 2015 (Infographic)

The SEO landscape is always changing. We found this cool infographic that shows how SEO has changed, and some strategies you will want to consider for 2015. So now,

Did You Know? Tweets To Be Shown in Google Search Results

Great news for all of my fellow Twitter users! Sometime in the next few months, your tweets will be start to visible in Google search results as soon as you post them. You can read more about this here. But what does this mean for you, and for other internet users? 1. Enhanced Google search

Interview with Ryan Gates

Sometimes, the best way to learn something new is to simply talk to someone. Recently, our own Paul Dreblow interviewed Ryan Gates, the Chief Creative at Moving Edge Media. Ryan had some great insights for us, and we want to pass them on to you. Ryan Gates PD: Describe yourself in 2-3 sentences: tell us

How to create a case study for inbound marketing

I had the privilege a recently to work on a case study for one of our clients. Since I majored in Communications, and wrote a lot of papers in school, this project was very enjoyable for me. However, there was also a steep learning curve. I had never done a case study before, and this

Google to Penalize Sites for Non Mobile Website Design

Welcome to 2015. While some of us are slightly disappointed at the lack of flying cars, robot helpers and more, the future is here. We at Digital Solutions have been touting the importance of mobile friendly websites for a while now, but things are getting much more serious. The mighty Google is putting things in

How To Write A Website RFP

Building a website has never been easier than it is now. Even if you are technically challenged, you can build one on your own, what with several free web hosting options and templates that are available online. True, it is easy to put together a basic website today, but if you need a well-designed and