I resolve to…

It’s that time of year, or perhaps it’s slightly past that time of year when people traditionally make resolutions. Hopefully this includes the inbound marketer or general marketing person.   By definition a resolution is a decision to do something along with the actions necessary to accomplish it.  For most people, resolutions start out in the “intentions” department. That is, a person desires or decides they intend to do something about a certain issue or problem or goal they want to accomplish during the next year.  Unfortunately a good many resolutions end up staying in the (best of) intentions department.  For this post, let’s think about resolutions as intentions or  goals for life.  As a person committed to marketing a product or service, whether by traditional outbound or inbound means, what are you wanting to resolve to do this year?   Let me suggest a larger, macro view of resolutions, consider these three core areas:


  • The core of who you are.  I find  it’s often helpful to ask people to begin by looking at their life as a whole, not as a fragmented, compartmentalized set of activities or desires.  It’s easy to look at resolutions like this:

But that’s not very helpful is it?    What do you bring to your world that really drives you at the core of your being?  What do you resolve to do where it counts the most?  I think many would agree, it comes down to relationships.   For me, this starts with my relationship with God.  At the core of any of my inner resolves is that most fundamental relationship. I resolve to grow in my love for and understanding of God, He is my primary “vertical.”  Along with that comes  my primary “horizontal” relationships- my dear wife, five children, and a future son-in-law to come this year!  Then there are those daily work relationships and as well as other friendship relationships that I have been given over the years.

  • The core of your business or organization.  Ask yourself, do I really understand what my business is about?  I am not just suggesting we know what our industry niche is, but do we really understand our industry, what drives it, where it has come from and where it is going?  Why do people engage in it, what does it cost to be involved in it etc.?   Then ask, “Where does my particular business fit into all of this?”  Your business, or role within that business does not exist in a vacuum, there is a context to it.  You may find some important resolutions come out of this area of probing if you take some time. 
  • The core of your inbound marketing knowledge or skill.  This industry seems to change more rapidly than a Google algorithm, and it can become easy to feel overwhelmed or inept. Make one or two industry focused resolves and check in on them often during the first quarter.  For our company we are embarking on a new marketing plan for the year ahead. It’s not totally unfamiliar ground for most, but we are attempting to advance and improve upon our ability to deliver rich, optimized, timely and relationally engaging content.  My specific role involves development, oversight and implementation and also regular blogging.  I plan to continue that and I also plan to start writing and editing our company newsletter, something I have enjoyed in other settings and want to tackle here.  What about you? Internet marketing affords all sorts of ways to engage, grow, try out and learn. Think through the larger topics of SEO, Content development and optimization, Keyword analysis, blogging and more. Choose one area and drill down deeper! Let us know how we can help you at /internet-marketing.

Internet marketers or marketing people in general are just like everyone else, with normal drives, desires and limitations.  Take a look at the core of your being, your business and your particular skill set. Make 2015 a year of challenge, growth and resolve…and don’t be afraid of a little trial and error!

Thanks for reading.  If we can be of help to your business by making some of your internet marketing resolves become reality please let me know (Paul.Dreblow@ds6.net).

Paul D.