We are a Digital Marketing company because we believe that it is a beneficial pursuit for other companies who want to expand their company reach and provide their products and/or services to a greater number of people. That is about he gist of why we as a company exist. Like any business, we have a refined set of skills that provides a more cost efficient way to conduct digital marketing than most companies could execute if they tried to do it themselves.

We also like having an income, being able to pay for life’s expenses while we have families of various sizes when we go home. Some of us have kids, others have dogs, and some of us have both kids and dogs.

We also do what we do because we enjoy what we do. A couple weeks ago, our president, Marc Ohmann, turned to me while he was walking to his office and said, “We work in the most exciting field in history.” Each member of the Digital Solutions team actually enjoys what they do. We love the ongoing development of our industry, while at the same time the importance of digital marketing is growing as companies continue to see it as a worthwhile investment.

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