Let’s talk about why ranking for local searches is so important.

Recently I had a thought about Google that I communicated to my colleagues while we were discussing Google’s path to global domination. As we were specifically discussing its search function, I told them, “Either I taught Google how to think or Google taught me how to think.” I meant it somewhat humorously, but I really think it accurately conveys my thought. Google and I have gotten to the point where I type in two and a half words, and the search brings up exactly what I was looking for or something better.

Other search engines frustrate me. If you only use Google Search, all you have to do is use a different search engine for a week, and you’ll understand. Google finishes my thought for me. Sometimes I feel like it even does the thinking for me.

This is well evidenced in local searches. Google has increasingly sharpened its search capabilities to display local listings for searches even when a specific locality isn’t searched for. Google has learned to assume when a searcher is best served by listing for them the nearest, relevant businesses. Ranking for local is more than a must. Not only is it a way to beat out national competition, enhance branding, and build authority through citations, but it presents immediate opportunity for businesses. For example, if I want something immediately, I’m mentally prepared to take a short drive in order to get it pronto because I don’t want to or can’t wait for Amazon to ship it. I am most willing to spend money when I want something immediately, and when I want something immediately, I am most willing to look local.

To overlook the importance of ranking for local would be to overlook opportunity for business. The main reason a potential client for Digital Solutions goes elsewhere is because they prefer to work with local companies. I have heard this time and time again.

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In the meantime, build as many identical citations as you can across the web!