Maybe we can take ourselves too seriously- or some of the business news items we follow for that matter. April 21st has come and gone and changes have taken place in the search world for sure- at least as it relates to mobile friendly sites. Google has made its changes and will continue to do so, and while they don’t appear to be as “game-changing” as we might have been lead to believe, we are also being told to give it time.

From Google: “Since the mobile ranking change rolls out on April 21st, if I see no drop in traffic on April 22nd, does that mean that my site’s rankings aren’t impacted?”  

A: “You won’t be able to definitively determine whether your site’s rankings are impacted by the mobile-friendly update by April 22nd. While we begin rolling out the mobile-friendly update on April 21st, it’ll be a week or so before it makes its way to all pages in the index.”

So be assured things will start to change- negatively, for a website that is not mobile friendly. Be sure to take care of this- soon, for most sites it’s an easy fix and money well spent!

But April 25th has also come and gone and for the people of Nepal and the surrounding region life will never be the same.  It’s hard not to take seriously such tragic events as are continuing to unfold in Northern India, Nepal and Tibet.

Untold human devastation, and the ensuing breakdown of the delivery of basic goods and services continues to come to light, and will, no doubt, continue to do so in the days ahead.  This is real, significant, newsworthy material- the kind we should care about, the kind that should move us and cause us to take note and reach out to business associates and friends in that part of the world.  These types of events should lead one to reflect, pray and linger over the greater purposes and more important areas of life.  

Maybe events like this sober us just a bit and cause us to look at things related to online search, rankings, download speed, user interface and yes, mobile responsiveness with a different mindset.   There are important, temporal things- and then there are life-altering and eternal things.

I for one, am praying for the people of Nepal, may God have mercy on them in the days ahead.