“Every day is School.” That’s my 88-year-old Grandpa’s come-back when I tell him he should get his Master’s Degree after countless times of him badgering me to get mine. Just the other day, as we were driving to Culvers for lunch, he asked me how school was going.

“I’m not in school. I told you.”

“I thought you were doing one of those computer thingys.” That was his idea of online schooling. But, aside from overly-involved grandparents and the all too common but nevertheless hilarious misunderstandings of others, I was impacted. I was impacted by the fact that my Grandpa saw every day as school. Yes, we’re all thinking it: We learn something new every day. Sometimes all it takes is a different way of saying something for it to finally make sense or bring about a fresh understanding.

I say all of this because I’ve now decided that every day is school. This has been quite apparent in my position at Digital Solutions Inc. A large part of my job description lines up with the Relationship Development aspect of my title. The majority of my time, if not all of it, focuses one way or another around lead generation. Every day has definitely been school for me since I’ve started this job. There seems to be limitless information to soak in when it comes to internet marketing and how that fosters and produces lead generation. That being said, I’d like to share one of the major things that I’ve learned during my daily schooling when it comes to lead generation and internet marketing. Frankly, I’m amazed at it.

I’m amazed because, today, leads are looking for you! How much money is spent by companies on finding, pursuing, and developing people interested in their services and products (a.k.a. outbound-marketing)? I’m sure the dollar amount would be more than enough to purchase several small countries. But, when it comes to generating leads online, there are countless people who are actively looking for products and services. Let me give an example: Digital Solutions doesn’t merely need to convince businesses that they need websites, apps, or internet marketing strategies. DSI needs to be found by the plethora of businesses that already know this and are actively looking for companies to help them with web development and internet marketing. The game has changed, folks. Unless you’re a girl scout, long gone are the days of taking a wagon door to door. It has reversed! Potential clients are now going door to door online looking for company that will deliver what they want at a competitive price.


All of this isn’t to nullify traditional marketing strategies that are tried and true. It’s to highlight that I have learned and am amazed that there are countless leads generating themselves by looking for a way to satisfy their need by going online and looking for a company that will provide what they’re searching for. Are you asking yourself, “How can I show potential clients that they would benefit from my services?” If so, don’t stop. But, be sure you’re not missing the amazing opportunity to ask yourself, “What am I doing online to reveal myself and my company to those that are already looking for what I do/provide?”

Simply put, you don’t just need to find them. They need to find you. To not grasp the opportunity to invest in the people that are already actively searching for you online is financially irresponsible. The facts are undeniably apparent: people are looking for you online. Are you there, and more importantly, are you visible?