Even if your team’s Traditional Marketing efforts are working

– small businesses must start focusing efforts on Digital Marketing and the synergy between Traditional and Digital Marketing. As these two forces work together they have a compound effect in the way companies drive connection, improve brand position, and increase sales.

Offline and online marketing efforts are morphing at a fast rate, but the emphasis small businesses put into doing successful Digital Marketing continues to sputter. The reason – the learning curve takes time. If your team is going to embark on the Digital Marketing “educational journey” it takes research, testing, patience, hard work, and “oh by the way” more research and hard work.

As a business owner, improving your Digital Marketing activity starts with looking in the mirror and asking two questions:

  1. Do you (or your team) have time to put your head down and learn the world of Digital Marketing? It will not come easy or quick, but you can get where you want to go by putting in the time it takes. Keep in mind – the time it takes changes as technologies and the Digital Marketing landscape shifts.


  1. Is this an area of your business that needs an expert / Could your Marketing Coordinator (who’s killing it with Traditional Marketing) use help? If so, make a proud investment into hiring an agency. Find the right agency, spend a little more than you want to spend, and you’ll see the return on your investment arrive soon.


If you do not have the chops to get your Digital Marketing where it needs to be – give up the reigns, swallow the pride, and come to the realization that your team’s resources might be better spent outsourcing a Digital Marketing master vs becoming a Digital Marketer yourself. Consider choosing a great partner.