I had the privilege a recently to work on a case study for one of our clients. Since I majored in Communications, and wrote a lot of papers in school, this project was very enjoyable for me. However, there was also a steep learning curve. I had never done a case study before, and this had to be good. Thankfully, with the help of the internet and a lot of time dedicated to learning, I figured out how to write a case study.

I could write about everything I learned about how to write a case study, but that information is everywhere. I want to focus on how to use a case study for inbound marketing. There are some important things to consider when you you start to think about a case study for inbound marketing. What should it look like? How long should it be? How can I get it to my target audience? Check out the ideas below.

Keep it short and sweet.

This isn’t a college research paper. Most people don’t have time to read anything more than a few pages, and you probably don’t have time to write more than a few pages. Give your audience the important information, but don’t add too much fluff. What did you learn? What do they need to know? That’s the information you should give your audience.

Make it look awesome!

I’ll be honest, I was really proud of how the case study turned out from a content standpoint. Then I gave it to Deacon, and he made it look incredible! The likelihood of your someone picking up a document that’s 2-3 pages of plain text and reading it is pretty low. I know I wouldn’t! But when you add some design elements to make it look appealing, it’s much less daunting to read, even if 2-3 pages of plain text just became 5-6 when you added the design.

If you need help, ask for it.

So you have an awesome case study, and you want to get it to your target audience. But how do you do that? You might have an email marketing campaign, you’ll put it on your website, but what else can you do? If you don’t know anything about inbound marketing, or you don’t have time, seek the help of a reputable inbound marketing agency to drive traffic to your site.

If you’re looking to do a case study, but don’t know where to start, we can help with that! Or if you have a case study, and you want to get it to more people, our Inbound Advisor service can help drive traffic to your site and your case study.

I hope this is helpful to you. I would love to answer your questions or comments. You can comment below, or find me on twitter @P_Wunder. Thank you for reading!