How Health Consumers Engage Online

Health consumers make up a big percentage of online users. Now that I think about it, I’d say that many of us have conducted some sort of Internet search concerning a health question or inquiry we’ve had. Or at least I know that I have. In the past I have gone in and out of intense exercise regimens as well as the dietary guidelines that company those. I’ve also searched symptoms that either I or someone close to me is experiencing.

7 Reasons Why You Need to Go MOBILE [Infographic]

Between mobile sites to responsive design, most of us have heard about websites optimized for mobile devices. But how important is it really? Well, the folks across the pond at have put together a little infographic for us to show us just how valuable having a site optimized for mobile devices really is. And here is a little cheat-sheet for you: £1 = $1.71

The Modern Marketer | Part Artist, Part Scientist [Infographic]

I have been trying to figure something out for a while now. As someone who works in Digital Marketing, the act of tackling the question of, “What do you do for a living?” is a difficult one to answer sometimes. From the inside, there are

12 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business [Infographic]

We are a Digital Marketing company because we believe that it is a beneficial pursuit for other companies who want to expand their company reach and provide their products and/or services to a greater number of people. That is about he gist of why we as a company exist.

Developing Your Personal Brand – InfoGraphic

Creating a personal brand has become more and more popular over the past decade. Developing a professional identity that allows you to stand out from the crowd is something that people want to pursue, and companies like to see this characteristic in the people they are adding to their company body.

Using Pinterest for Your Business (Infographic)

As I was making my rounds around the internet this morning, I found this great infographic explaining how Pinterest can be beneficial to your business. Up until now, I was having a hard time getting my head around how a company could use Pinterest to benefit their brand and increase awareness about who you are, what you do, how you do it, etc.