So here we are, nearing the end of the second month of the new year. Is it time for a logo trending article? I think so. The reason this is important is because your logo says a lot about you. A playful style logo can mean you’re a happy person, or that you don’t take things seriously. An older logo can mean you’re out-dated, or don’t care. A logo, as much as a website, usually says a lot about your business’s first impression.

Logo styles have changed a lot over the years. What was popular a year ago might not be popular today. In the same way, what was popular a year ago could be popular enough this year to almost be called a “standard.” Are you starting up your business? Have you been in business for years, and your logo proves it? Either way, I hope this article helps you. The following are 10 logo design trends for 2013.

1) Minimalist

The key here is to keep it simple! Busy logos can confuse or distract.

2) Geometric  

A great plus with Geometric logos is that they can have multiple geometric shapes making up one logo. This can give a great, vibrant feeling.

3) Logos with Multiple Parts

See how the circles make up the whole shape?

4) Distorted/Animated

Though it’s hard to see, distorted logos are becoming more popular. Another trend is Animation/gif logos. The idea behind this is to have no more plain, static logo!

5) Natural


Lots of trees, leaves, water, and other natural elements for this one!

6) Fun

Lot’s of curving, ribbon-style here. It creates action or movement!

7) Multiple Logos


A lot of companies have started creating multiple logos. None of them are too different from the other, but enough to create a dynamic group that can be displayed in different avenues.

8) Culturally Relevant


One cool trendy logo style is where the artist/company brings out their ethnic background in their logo. Logo is identity. Identity is logo. It makes sense that who we really are can come out in our business branding.

9) Vintage


This one has been getting more and more popular over the last couple of years. The idea here is to blend modern with classic.

10) Let’s Wait and See!

A big buzz around the design chatter is that we can be expecting some brand new ideas this year in both web and logo design. Be creative!

To conclude, I hope that these fresh logo examples can help to equip you to look critically at your own business branding identity. Is it current? What is it saying about you? Another thing I suppose I should mention is that MDWebPro offers design services for logos, websites, ebooks, and more! Feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

As a bonus, the news came out that after over 40 years American Airlines has updated it’s logo. I’ve always thought fondly of the AA logo, as it is an example of timelessness. Check out the new design below.