If your website was built in WordPress, and you’ve been working on SEO, there is a good chance you use the Yoast plugin. There is some news this week stating that there is a vulnerability in older versions of the Yoast plugin. I have included a link with the full story below, but here are the highlights of the article.

1. Hackers can install a link in hopes of getting an admin or page editor to click it and trigger an attack.

2. Once the attack is complete, the hacker can create their own admin account, and then do whatever they want on the site.

3. Attacks can be prevented by updating the Yoast plugin to the latest version.

Read the full story here:

Preventing attacks on your website is very important, as it can be really expensive to repair a site that has been attacked. Not only that, but your online image can be damaged if your site gets attacked. We offer services to help secure site, and we can also help if your site has already been attacked. Want to know more? You can contact us by clicking the link at the top of your screen, or give us a call at 952-703-3996.