Starting in the business of web development, even if it’s only on a personal scale, can be intimidating. There are platforms to consider, coding to tee up, and design concepts that are unheard of outside of web design. The good news is that there are a plethora of courses that have been created to help new and old users alike. Here are 3 of the best web development courses to get you started.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a completely free database of resources and courses that are available for any age level or skill level. Everyone from a 6th grade student to a university level professor can learn something new. While Khan Academy covers many topics, its focus is on STEM, including coding and web design. Check out the article “Learning Code on Khan Academy,” as a kind of syllabus for your own coding education.


Another free resource, ALISON Online is a series of standards-based courses that can be invaluable to busy adults who don’t necessarily have time to take a full university course load. While you can pay a premium for a certificate, it won’t really come in handy unless you’re presenting it for other’s consideration. If you’re just looking to learn how to code (or do just about anything, from health science to English literature), ALISON Online has options for you.


Harvard offers online courses, called MOOCs, that are self-paced, intense, and free. Because they are affiliated with Harvard, these courses are university level, but can be retaken as many times as you’d like without penalty. While new courses are added and old ones phased out regularly, their current web development offerings are plenty. Consider starting with Introduction to jQuery or How to Code: Simple Data. If you’re looking for something a little more difficult, there are class options from coding complex data to the elements of best web design. You’ll be the best web development master in no time!