Position:  Digital Solutions seeks a diligent sales associate to drive new business development primarily through lead generation and prospect contact over a variety of media. The ISRD is responsible for sales revenue generation through the creation of sales leads, initiation of prospect calls and the establishment of an ongoing relationship with potential clients leading to closings.  The ISRD will receive some leads (apx. 25% of what will likely be necessary) from from the lead generation department as well.


  • Take leads and also acquire, assess and access external lead sources.
  • Prospect through carefully defined parameters using cold calling, email,  Linked In and as, necessary other social media to “warm” prospect calls.
  • Provide some sales development, market-precise messaging using our DV,  based on the target sales segment. This will compliment our overall marketing efforts
  • Identify decision makers within targeted leads to begin the sales process
  • Work with SMM (Sales and Marketing Manager) to determine various sales approaches depending on the prospect.
  • Nurture leads to SQL’s in order to execute the DSI sales cycle.
  • Schedule appointments for virtual and in rare cases, some personal meetings off or on site with self, SMM or technical specialist.
  • Maintain, update and expand the company’s database of prospects keeping detailed records. No private data collection or storage is allowed.
  • Connect with prospects via Linked (primarily through 2-3 select Forum groups) in as needed and in consulting with SMM.
  • Deliver sales collaterals at appropriate times and engage in full cycle “dating” conversations. (see Sales strategy)
  • Take any inbound, unsolicited prospect calls and seek to qualify and enter into the sales cycle.
  • In collaboration with the SMM follow up on any possible sales inquiries coming from MQLs.
  • Enter all data into CRM on a regular basis or at least daily.


KPM (Key Performance Metrics)

Your Core Metrics:

Sales Quota for the Inside Sales team will be measured on a daily basis to monitor progress towards monthly quotas. The following table defines the Inside Sales quotas for Q1-Q2 of 2015. Each quota measurement will be based on new additions to the metric within the month. Sales Quota is not determined by closing sales alone, but also by consistent management and additions for each milestone in the sales process.

Month SQLs


Solution Development Solution Presentation Closings


March 4-10 after 30 days 3 1 1/12,000/12,000
April 5/wk=20 6 2 1/12,000/12,000
May 40 9 3 1/12,000/12,000
June 60 11 5 2/24,000/24,000
July 80 16-18 7 3/36,000/72,000
August 100 24-26 10-12 4/48,000/96,000


  1. Produce one new, viable leads that meet our criteria daily / 5 per week.
  2. Follow up on those through a structured but flexible regiment of phone,email and social media engagement. To begin with you would follow a scripted engagement on the phone and email based on our repository of DV- based scripts. After a period of time you will have the freedom to develop other ones with review from SMM.
  3. This should yield five first dates, 3 second dates and 1 third date weekly with the goal of closing the quota of 2  new   IA accounts  per month.
  4. To ensure sound management and quality control weekly and daily (to begin with)  review will be made of the above components. This will involve sampling of all communications including calls, emails etc. as well as customer surveys.


In their sales protocol this person would also need to be able to:

– Build relationships effectively, have a genuine knowledge of and caring for the person and/or the company’s welfare. We want to build trust to become the “Trusted Advisor!”

– Be an effective listener. We want someone who is able to engage, ask 1-2 pointed questions and then listen, learn and from there present to present solutions…”Digital Solutions.”

– Follow through on and have attention to detail:  Use of our CRM not only for information gathering but also as a tool for effective sales management and planning is a must.


In their company-wide participation this person would be expected to :

– Follow up with Client Relationship Manager to ensure smooth hand off to that relationship.

– Attend in person (currently) weekly Sales Team meetings

– Attend weekly DSU (Digital Solutions University). These are normally held weekly and function as a means to equip and educate in our industry as well as provide relationship touch points within the company.

-Participate in any other required meetings, quarterly or special event meetings.

-Optional (but encouraged) weekly Business to the Glory of God meeting.



Along with a strong work ethic, this person needs strong written and verbal communication and relational skills along with the ability to qualify leads through cold calling, and emailing.  The position will also likely involve introducing prospects to short, focused information bytes aimed at their industry.


Hours: Our office is open from 8-5pm M-Fri.  This will be an inside sales role from our office setting. The majority of time will be tied to sales conversations from lead to close.


Reports to:  The Sales and Marketing Manager.


Additional:  Will be asked to take DISC profile and possibly other Sales related profile.


Salary: Commensurate with experience; Salary base plus commission.


Benefits:  Ten paid holidays for 2015.


Non compete:  This employee will be asked to sign a one year non compete  agreement and one year non-solicitation.

If interested, please contact Paul Dreblow at (952) 703-3996 or Paul.Dreblow@DS6.net