Project Description

Tuition reimbursement can be difficult for corporate clients. How can technology make it easier?

Office Depot approached Digital Solutions with the hope of facilitating large employers and partners of theirs to find a better way of organizing their tuition reimbursement programs. As with many corporate entities, Office Depot will reward new employees with possible tuition reimbursement programs. How to best organize students, dollar amounts, and program viability was a tall, otherwise-inefficient task for both Office Depot and other corporate partners

A more efficient way to manage tuition reimbursement programs

Digital Solutions designed and developed Office Depot’s Tuition Xpress web and mobile applications. Organizing databases of employees with tuition, the submission and application process, and the dollar-level organization of tuition reimbursement would all be vital to the application. Digital Solutions also needed to build the application in such a way that it could be easily replicated with other corporate partners.

The result: over 100,000 users

Digital Solutions successfully build an implemented the application for Office Depot and their employees. Once built, the application was also replicated with Kohl’s and PTC, both of which had very similar reimbursement programs. This application was a smashing success, garnering over 100,000 users and 10 different companies. Digital Solutions creative insight was the most valuable component of this project.