Project Description

  1. How does an organization built by healthcare professionals and patient advocates create an all-in-one communication tool for hospitals and ER facilities?
    NoticeMed approached Digital Solutions with the aspirations of creating an application to securely communicate, real-time, and mobile, peer to peer, via smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet. This app would facilitate two-way message with nursing staff in clinics, pharmacies, or hospitals.
  2. Designing and developing a platform that exceeded expectations
    After a thorough discovery phase, Digital Solutions understood that NoticeMed’s application would have to be a uniquely comprehensive messaging network, providing two-way professional to professional messaging and professional to staff messaging with care locations such as nursing stations, emergency rooms, pharmacies, and x-ray reading rooms. Not only would the app have to be designed with UX/UI functionality in mind; it would also have to meet internal compliance standards and regulations within the healthcare field.
  3. Solution: NoticeMed – Empowering Personal and Professional Care
    Developed by Digital Solutions Noticmed ultimately came to fruition – provided by health professionals, for health professionals. DS6 went through the rigorous coding process to make sure the application is HIPAA secure and JCAOH compliant. NoticeMed provides for the integration of on-call schedules with messaging. With NoticeMed on- call programming, members can easily know who is on-call for their colleague, and be given the option to message their colleague or the designated on-call partner. NoticeMed can be the CONNECTOR across any and all health care organizations, large or small. Any NoticeMed Professional Member can message with any other NoticeMed Professional Member, regardless of organization affiliation. No special agreement is necessary.
  4. Final Product: a Streamlined Communication Tool for Professional Medical Care
    Now boasting over 10,000 members, NoticeMed is an application that provides paging, texting, and email, all-in-one, and incorporates on-call scheduling to provide answering service and call center functions. Membership is exclusive to health professionals, and is available not just for Physicians, but also for Physician Assistants, Advance Practice Nurses, Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Pharmacists, and Dentists. This application, built by Digital Solutions, has changed the game of healthcare communication.