Project Description

As healthcare costs skyrocket for both providers and payers, how can both parties leverage technological efficiencies to better control expenditures?

In partnership with Omaha Systems and HiSpirit LLC, Digital Solutions was asked to develop a web-based application that acted as a caregiver management, data collection and healthcare reporting tool designed to provide the right care and supporting data as needed to improve quality and efficiency of care, prove effectiveness of care, and ultimately reduce healthcare costs to drive savings for providers and payers.

Defining requirements and discovering new functionalities

Digital Solutions took the time to deep dive into requirements for this emerging technology. As this would be the first application of its kind, our team understood how meticulous we needed to be in the process of discovery. Through a thorough discovery process, the HealtheFirst solution became a dynamic, PC and mobile device-enabled cloud-based platform, that use Artificial Intelligence, Proactive Interactivity and advanced communications methods to engage patients in positive medical, health and lifestyle   decisions. This comprehensive solution was dreamed up to drive the result of a healthier life with lower cost for the patient  and the healthcare provider – a solution that would not have been otherwise unearthed without Digital Solutions’ thorough discovery processes.

Solution: HealthEFirst – Comprehensive Documenting of Patient Care

Digital Solutions created HealtheFirst, an innovative patient-facing solution that integrates standards-based data collection and analysis, with a robust technology platform, providing the tools that care management professionals need. It’s the right solution for cost-effective patient care and medical cost management. Digital Solutions custom developed these features as part of the overall application functionality:

  • Timely monitoring of patients’ needs
  • Task scheduling and follow-up
  • Improved and more accurate assessments
  • Better management of care materials and resources
  • Care giver accountability auditing via GPS logging

Final Product: a Revolutionary Healthcare Application

With health care costs continuing to raise dramatically year after year, both the government and healthcare industry are aggressively seeking ways to increase access, lower overall costs and improve the quality of care for the patient. With over 20,000 users, it integrates medical claims data with user-generated data that is gathered from the patient through interactive forms and on-line self-administered assessments, providing key features that provide:

  • Care Management
  • Provider Engagement
  • Information Technology
  • Automated Communication
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Care Enhancement
  • Cost Reduction