Project Description

Diagnostic data is great, but how do patients effectively send it to there doctor?

To understand and Digital Solutions’ role in its creation three years ago, it helps to know some of their team’s past history. Working together in Minneapolis, MN, in 1999 their team co-founded QuickMedx/Minute Clinic, the world’s first retail clinic. This concept began as an idea drawn on a white board, and led to an entirely new industry. In October 2011, CVS saw its 10 millionth Minute Clinic customer. As a result of this success, this management team also wanted to provide significant value to Physicians as well as their patients. Digital Solutions was tasked with designing, developing and leading creative strategy for this application.

Coordinating the vision

As with QuickMedx/Minute Clinic, the Evisit shareholders created a team of physicians to learn and understand what they wanted to provide to them and their patients.

Digital Solutions, in conjunction with this team, was tasked with creating a web application that could offer:

  • A diagnostic tool that efficiently eliminates “e-mail tag/ phone tag” between a physician and their patients.
  • Create protocols even for a single patient with a unique medical issue or condition.
  • A tool that would allow physicians to provide basic acute care to their patients in a safe secure manner.
  • A tool that was flexible and compliant to a physician’s needs and their specific practice.
  • Promotes continuity of care through cost-effective management of chronic care and preventative care cases.
  • The ability of physicians to be able to easily include their own protocols or to amend them for both diagnosis and prescription refills.
  • Easy to use technology that fulfills a need in consumers/patients, busy lives.

With these directives in mind, was organized to meet two primary goals with the development expertise of Digital Solutions: First, provide an active e-Visit software suite for physicians; allowing on-line customized care in a safe secure manner. Secondly, offer a solid interactive PHR and medical data management tool for both consumer/patients and their family members.

Solution: – a web application for patient diagnostic data

Once developed by Digital Solutions, became a leading tool in how a patient interacts with his or her provider. offers a simple way for a patient to send diagnostic data to their Physician in a clear concise software layout. Each physician’s protocol list is their own, which they have personally selected, customized and edited to their terms. It also is billable as an e-visit for insurance reimbursement. A normal e-Visit response time can be in as little as 2-3 minutes. This is because the e-Visits are submitted by the physician’s own patients and by utilizing the customized protocol list, a physician can review all of the diagnostic data quickly and efficiently.

The Result: a more effective world of healthcare diagnostic submission

Boasting several thousand users, has become much more than a product that offers a mobile interactive Personal Health Record (PHR) on a HIPAA compliant digital platform. Utilizing PCs, laptops, smart pads and smart phones, is a tool that allows both physicians and consumers to manage their healthcare and wellness anywhere, anytime 24/7. In addition to a data management and digital appointment book, provides Diagnostic Care through an entirely new care delivery pipeline for both physicians and their patients.