Project Description

An ordering portal for medical supplies that serves the next generation

Midwest Medical Supplies approached Digital Solutions to develop an ordering portal application that not only effectively served their clients, while remaining secure and HIPAA compliant in their transactions.

How our development process helped Midwest Medical

Digital Solutions was tasked with designing and developing a portal to facilitate purchases through Midwest Medical Supplies. Through our requirements gathering process, Digital Solutions was able to collect the necessary determining factors based on Midwest Medical’s current product offering, use cases and future goals to identify the optimal online ordering system requirements, including:

  • User account creation (3 user level3)
  • User login to identify users placing orders
  • User profile management including password updates
  • Creation and Categorization of products by user (Product Management)
  • Static product descriptions with images of 20-30 products
  • Email order receipt by MMS staff
  • iOS app
  • Android app launcher button
  • Approval and release of iOS and Android apps to respective markets

Result: a major breakthrough in purchasing power

Digital Solutions created a breakthrough application to better leverage purchasing power within Midwest Medical’s systems. With well over 100,000 purchases, Digital Solutions effectively created a new application portal that better facilitated how their products and services are purchased.