Project Description

The challenge with big, digital data

Today’s marketers don’t need more data. You can wade through Google Analytics for days looking at data. Today’s marketers need actionable intelligence pulled from a large dataset. That’s where Aimē comes in. With over 1.2 million web pages crawled and over 5 years of benchmarking data, our learning algorithm continuously analyzes our data set to provide actionable data or as we like to say “Digital Marketing Intelligence”.

Commitment to remarkable development

Over the course of 5 years, Digital Solutions built Aimē. This was a design, development, UX/UI and interface development that took extensive research, keyword trend analysis, and deep-dive web application development. It was extensive in nature and fulfilling as an application development team.

Solving SEO deficiencies

Aimē solves every potential problem that a search engine optimizer could need solved. It works as a web and mobile application, while serving its end users. With Insights we show businesses exactly what content was published on the site, how optimized that content was for search engines, how that content is ranking in search engines, how much traffic that content is delivering to the site and ultimately how many leads or conversions that content has created. And we do this for every single page on your site. We also track rankings across Google, Yahoo! and Bing for all the search phrases you are targeting so you know exactly how your site stacks up in the search results. If you aren’t ranking yet for a phrase, our page grading, keyword difficulty and competitive analysis for each phrase will show you exactly how to increase your rankings. Even better we track all this data across all of time so you can see how changes in Google’s algorithm have affected your site and how to improve your strategy.

Results: an application to empower the Digital Marketer

Aimē has crawled over 10,000,000 pages and developed several hundred SEO case studies. Aimē is a breakthrough application that has successful empowered several agency partners to become their own best digital marketers.