Project Description

Partnering furniture with an e-commerce solution

After more than 20 years of supplying the Midwest with premium furniture, Storlie Company learned that your office environment directly influences your work. They understand the need for an atmosphere that enhances productivity and encourages creativity. That’s why they designed The Harmony Collection for the state-of-the-art businesses that aspire to create success. The Harmony Collection combines beauty, quality, and functionality while offered at an excellent value. They approached Digital Solutions to design and develop an e-commerce website to reflect that value and showcase their products.

Putting some legs on the table

Digital Solutions created a custom website with a brand new e-commerce portal. The Harmony Collection was not meant to be a full-fledged e-commerce solution, but a partial solution that drove phone calls and contact conversions once customers decide on the furniture they want.

Developing the dream

After utilizing a thorough design and discovery process, it appeared the framework for Harmony Collection had been complete. The design mock-up process was critical in the development of this website. The users had to be directed, as they’re targeting businesses with their furniture offerings. An e-commerce website needs to function a little different when it’s targeting businesses versus common consumers: language, skew numbers, and directed content were all part of Digital Solutions’ custom, ecommerce solution.

The Product: immediate impact

Garnering over 10,000 users and 2,000 successful conversions in the first 3 months of launch, Digital Solutions was incredibly proud of the final product for Harmony Collection – a national furniture brand.