Project Description

How can a wine label exclusive to Wal Mart expand their presence online and set themselves apart as a brand?

As one of the top alcohol brand creators and distributor, Prestige Wine & Spirits Group approached Digital Solutions in partnership with Wal Mart to design and develop a functional website prototype to showcase the Bella Bolle’ wine brand. The website needed to not only showcase the brand, but set itself apart with a UX/UI experience unlike what is currently known the market.

Creating a splashy website that looks and feels like a quick-engagement landing page

Digital Solutions devised a design that acted as a splash page for quick brand references, directing users to different engagement points, and ultimately creating a better mechanism to showcase Bella Bolle’ apart from its Wal Mart vendor.

Developing a UX/UI experience – not just a website

Digital Solutions has taken on multiple alcohol brands and wine labels as part of their web design portfolio. We understand that there are unique personas and selling points to each brand we take on. The challenge for Bella Bolle’ was to utilize the power of Wal Mart but distinguish the brand as bubbly and fun in the user experience process. Digital Solutions integrated social linking, recipe functionality, and custom imagery in order to bring this site to life. What came from this strategy was a unique website geared to serve the users and reflect a new Bella Bolle’ Italian Wine brand.

  1. The final product: a website built for an Italian King

Garnering over 10,000 users in the first month of launch, Bella Bolle’s site became an overnight sensation. Go ahead, use the site. How fun does that feel?!